Camping Recipes

Camping Recipes


Camping is a great way to have fun outdoors and to explore nature’s hidden treasures. Camping allows you to spend some quiet and precious moments in the vicinity of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It gives us a chance to experience the beauty and vivacity of Mother Nature. Of course, food is the most important thing when it comes to camping or rather going out anywhere.

Nothing can be more satisfying than a tasty meal made over campfire. Camping recipes can be prepared easily and deliciously if you keep the following tips in mind.


  1. Eggs are a star of breakfast camping recipes. Eggs are a morning favorite and many breakfast recipes include eggs as the main ingredient. In fact, egg breakfast make great great-energy providing meal that will fuel you throughout your day outdoors. You can either prepare boiled eggs or make omelets, whatever suitable. You can even include green vegetables, mushrooms or different kinds of peppers to make your breakfast healthy and tasty.
  2. If you have frying pans on your camping trip, then you can make great recipes that need sauting, like fajitas, stir fry etc. These recipes are easy to make and nutritious also. If you want to prepare steak during your camp vacation, then it would be good if you bring along a basic grill which can be placed over the campfire for a heart meal of steak or any other meat to give you that extra energy during the outdoor activity.
  3. You can even have nutritious foods like apples, bananas, granola, oatmeal, grapes, peanuts, butter and beans. These things are healthy and light to eat, and therefore you can be sure of not dozing off when other people are enjoying outdoor activities.
  4. Another option that most people prefer is to bring along is dehydrated food. Dehydrated or freeze-dried food is very light-weight and easy to prepare. Just add water and mix, stir and cook your food. The food is very delicious and doesn’t get spoiled, no matter how long the duration of your camping trip is. Few companies such as Mountain House and Cache Lake manufacture dehydrated food, suitable for all kinds of campers.
  5. Many people prefer to have foiled food such as egg-roll, mushroom roll or even hamburger. All you need to do is to mix the ingredients (such as meat or egg, vegetables and dry fruits) and pack it up in a foil. This kind of meal is not only easy to prepare but tastes good also. In fact, everybody is going to love this kind of ready-to-eat and sumptuous meal.

The basic idea is to get creative outdoors. So, use the above ideas and make some lovely food when present at the campsite.