Camping Tips are only Guidelines

Camping Tips are only Guidelines


If you have two similarly experienced campers going for the same camping trip i.e. the terrain is the same, the weather is the same, etc both will probably be carrying mostly different types of camping equipment or wearing different types of clothing.

If these guys are going to the same places even at separate times, they would probably be doing things differently given the same conditions.

Does this mean that one of them is wrong in doing what each one is doing?

Probably not. They’re both doing what is right for them… And so should you.


Camping tips can save you a lot of trouble or get you out of one during your camping holiday. They can come from a lot of different sources and some of them may even conflict each other. For this reason you should take these tips as merely tips and not rules of camping.

The reason for conflicting camping tips is because some tips are specific to different conditions, locations and most important of all, individual needs.

For people who are camping as a family with kids it would be wise to get some advice from other campers who gone camping with kids. People with families that have kids should look for tips on which campground are suitable for them.

The testimonials would be more meaningful as they are the same type of people with similar needs when it comes to camping with the family.

You should also ask about games your kids can play in case of a rainy day.

If you are looking a little bit of adventure in your camping expeditions it would still bode well for you to ask for advice from others who have gone camping at the place you were planning to go. Learn about places to avoid when setting up camp or about the best places to camp.

Most people would do things differently the second they go for a camping trip at the same area so it would be wise to learn from these people to have a better chance of an enjoyable camping trip.

Also try to get camping tips on where is best to get water and wood for the fires. You might want to set up camp close to these places. Tips on weather at a particular time of the year would help you decide on your camping gear especially on clothing and the type of tent to use.


If you are camping with a recreational vehicle, ask for the best places to go to maximize your time and enjoyment.

You would be wise to ask for tips on what to do or where to go when something goes wrong on your camping adventure.

If you want to know of the conditions or weather at your camping destination trying asking for camping tips from who has only just recently experienced camping at the same place. You’ll probably get some warning about how strong the winds are or how cold it is and also learn about how to make you camping tent more stable or places to camp where the winds are more forgiving or where it’s not so cold.

Other camping tips that would prove useful include the rules and regulations on camping in a particular area. You don’t want to be fined, for example, just because you didn’t know that you couldn’t use bright colored camping tents when it can be easily avoid by asking for some camping tips.

Among all these useful camping tips safety is the most important one and you should seriously seek advice from highly experienced campers or hikers what to do (or what you should not do) in case of an emergency, which safety camping equipment you should have in your backpack, how to make a stretcher, the amount of water you should carry and many more. Take them as guidelines and not as end-all-be-all rules. If possible write them down because it could mean the difference between life and death.