How to Choose Folding Camp Chairs

How to Choose Folding Camp Chairs


Camping is a great outdoor activity that not only refreshes your mind but also brings you close to nature. Moreover, it is a great way to build close ties with your family and friends. Camping can be fun-filled and adventurous depending on the location and your interest. In fact, many people go for camping in order to save money instead of opting for luxurious or expensive vacations. But before going on a camp vacation, it is essential that you have the right gear or equipment along with you, in order to save the blues later on.

Amongst the important camp gear includes folding camping chairs which should be carried along so that you can enjoy the vivacity and beauty of nature closely and comfortably. Here are some important facts about camping chairs.


  1. The folding chairs were created on the principle that they are lightweight (so that they can be carried around easily) and ergonomic products make a huge difference when you want to spend time close to nature. In fact, only a few people know that these folding chairs drew their origins from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.
  2. The closest to the camping chairs from today was the model invented by Fredric Arnold in 1947 when he made an aluminum structure with a fabric large strap for the seat and back. Camping chairs fall into a variety of categories ranging from side-X stools to front-X chars. The most common material used for the construction of the camping chairs is plastic and light-weight metal like aluminum. The design of the chairs is such that they solve all the practical purposes (at the site of camping).  Camping chairs are usually sold in sets including four chairs and a table.
  3. The manufacturing process is very simple as it consists of putting together and arranging of plastic and metal tubes. The prices of the camp chairs are affordable and you can end up paying $15 to $50 per piece, depending on the design and material used for construction. Many people opt for buying cheap variants, given the fact that the usage is pretty reduced. But if you go for camping regularly, then make sure that you get a good quality chair so that it lasts for several years.
  4. You can have wooden folding chairs or the ones that have multiple reinforcements and padded seats. Many people go for the brand name or the market reputation of the manufacturer, thus paying more for a product that could have otherwise coasted less. You can even opt for the dreamy folding rocking chairs for sitting and enjoying the beautiful scenery around the campsite.

Well, the above features will definitely help you to choose the perfect folding chair for your camping trip.

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