How to Pick the Correct Camping Equipment

How to Pick the Correct Camping Equipment


Camping is a lively and refreshing outdoor activity. Camping allows us to take a break from our hectic schedules and explore the varsities of nature. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily chores, enjoyment and fun gets edged out. So, if you want to unfold the realms of nature and take abode in its heavenly environment, camping is surely the way to go! However, before going on any camp vacation, it is essential that you are fully equipped in order to avoid the blues later on.


Here are some ideas that will help you to pick the right equipment for your camping vacation.

  1. The most important piece of your camping equipment is your camping tent. Picking out the correct tent takes a few steps. First and foremost, your tent should be able to accommodate your family. There are a number of designs and shapes but you need to pick a tent by judging how many people you plan to put in it. The second consideration is of course, the price. Tents range from $30 3-4 person tents to $400 to $500 10 person tents.
  2. The next important thing includes the sleeping bag. Sleeping bags can be selected in a number of ways. One is the shape, which can be either rectangular or mummy style. The other consideration is the temperature rating. Sleeping bags are rated according to what type of environment you are going to use it in, such as 40 degree, 30 degree, 10 degree etc.
  3. Food is one of the basic necessities that you have to prepare while on a camp trip.  A camp stove is the primary equipment that you’ll need when camping outdoors. You need to consider the weight as well as the size of the camp stove before buying it. The fuel also needs to be looked upon. The various kinds of fuels that you can use are kerosene, butane or isobutene or white gas (also known as Coleman fuel). Try to carry along freeze-dried or dehydrated food as it is relatively easy to prepare and delicious to eat. This will also save much of your time, as you’ll just have to mix water and then cook it.
  4. There are a number of stores which offer huge discounts on camp clothes. Moreover, you can purchase cheap clothes online as well. Try carrying a nylon windbreaker or a raincoat along with yourself and clothes that are long sleeved (they will protect you from insect bites). Choose light-weight boots of leather with ridged soles for traction. You can get loads of camping clothes (that too at discounted price) from various camp outlets but select light-weight and comfortable clothes for your trip.
  5. Lastly, you need to keep a first-aid kit to prevent yourself and your family from any kind of emergency. You can include items such as bandages, dettol, antiseptic creams, insect repellents, medicines (for fever or any kind of allergy) etc. All these items are available at the local chemist shop. Whatever happens, never forget to keep a first-aid kit along with you!

Well, the ideas or suggestions will definitely help you to choose the right gear for your camping trip.

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