Important Tips for Choosing a Camping Spot

Important Tips for Choosing a Camping Spot


Camping is one of the thrilling and exciting options to go and enjoy the close conversation with the nature in the desolate locations and experiencing the weather, wildlife with the sense of independence from the daily routine and hectic work. If you plan for camping then make sure that you choose the perfect camping spot.

Since choosing a camping spot depends from person to person, so here are few tips that will help you in choosing the proper one.


1. Accessibility

The main thing to see is that how you will be able to go to that particular chosen camping spot. Check out that whether it is a “drive up camping spot” or is access via a foot trail. If you want to choose a spot that is accessed via a foot trail, find it within a half mile or less hike for your first trip.

2. Attractions and scenic views

Other important things to consider are the nature attractions and the splendid views. Camping is incomplete if you do not choose the nicest views and scenery to make you enjoy your camping. So, do not choose the boring areas for the camping spot.

3. Water

Our daily activities are incomplete without water. So, look for those areas or spots where you can have access to clean water. If in case you do not get the water accessible area; make sure that you take enough water with you including plenty to put out the fire with. If you are a water lover and enjoy swimming, fishing or snorkeling then you should think of the camping spot near water.

4. Firewood

Firewood can prove helpful if you do not want to carry the wood for lighting and fire purposes while camping at night. Be sure that you are allowed to harvest firewood for the area you are going. In most areas, you are allowed to pick up dead wood, but not cut down live trees. So, plan properly beforehand to have the substitute arrangements.

5. Camping ground

While camping and choosing the correct spot make sure of the terrain that you can pitch your tent without rolling down a hillside or sleeping on the rocks all night. The camping spot should be safe from the poisonous plants and animals especially if you are traveling with your children. If you are with your family and friends, then consider larger grounds for multiple tents. You can look for the camping spots such as local state parks, local national forests, any water supply lake, etc.

Thus in this way you can easily choose the camping spot that suits your wishes and needs. Make sure that you ask your friends who have already experienced camping or discuss on various forums on the Internet.