Kid’s Outdoor Camping Ideas

Kid’s Outdoor Camping Ideas


Fresh air, scenic beauty, exotic locales and adventurous endeavors are some of the words associated with camping and can often be used to lure young kids to accompany you to camping. Parents and kids who camp together always agree there is a huge element of fun involved while camping, be it taking part in organized camp activities, fishing, hill biking or the campfires. The beauty of family camping is that both parents and children can give ideas to each other and let their imagination loose for an experience of a lifetime.


Here are some ways to turn your outdoor camping into a wonderful experience by planning out the following activities for your child:

  1. Before leaving for the trip, try to take some inputs from your kids regarding the destination and ideas of things to do when present at the campground.
  2. Give children the responsibility of packing their stuff at home making surer that they keep every item that you have asked them to incorporate. Make sure that they carry their toys along so that the campsite may not entirely feel alien to them.
  3. It might also be fun to plan your excursion with another family which has kids. Your kids may get bored after sometime, but with play mates around they are bound to have a hearty time out in the camp.
  4. At the campground, you may provide your kid’s with magnifying glass and ask them to check out for the various kinds of soil, small insects, wild plants, flowers and other treasures of nature which surrounds the camp site. This will not only enhance their knowledge but also keep them absorbed thus giving you time for other activities.
  5. All of us know that rubbing’s can make excellent souvenirs, so you can carry a box of crayons, pencil colors and blank papers. Kid’s can make rubbing’s by placing the vein portion of dry, withered leaves (characteristic of that area) on the paper and thus the image of the leaf will appear. This will definitely remind them of the time spent close to nature once you are back home.
  6. It is very important to make the kids feel wanted and involved. You can assign them tasks like collecting woods for the campfire or ask them to fetch water from the nearby pool. Try to reward their hard work by praises or treat, whatever possible.
  7. Try to involve your kids in preparing small snacks like mixing dry fruits, putting jam or butter on bread and other eatables. This is a good way of teaching kids to help you out when you are busy with other chore at home.
  8. Finally let kids be kids.

With a little bit of planning, you can avoid the boredom that your kids face when the family goes out for camping. Just equip yourself with the above mentioned fun-filled ideas and you will see your kids longing for more and more campouts.