Outdoor Adventure Camping

Outdoor Adventure Camping


Camping can be considered as one of the most fun-filled, adventurous and exhilarating activities of all time. It is not only invigorating but also gives every camper a self-sufficient and learning experience. Like all other fields, camping has also evolved itself with more and more convenient and high-tech instruments being added to its fraternity. The methodology of camping has witnessed as a revolutionizing change and with the passage of time one can expect it to become even more thrilling and adventurous.

Camping is often done in association with activities such as fishing, cycling, hill climbing, canoeing, and mountain biking and swimming. It might be interesting to note that the term “camping” is not only related to outdoor adventure but is also used to refer to people “who live outdoors as they have been rendered homeless”. Camping can be of various kinds but the major one includes Mobile camping, specialized camping and social camping.

1. Mobile Camping
It can be called as backpacking in which the campers use light weight equipments and carry them on their back over a long distance on foot. Backpack may contain items like tents, folding chairs, torches, rope, area map, toiletries, sleeping bags etc. Canoe camping is also similar to backpacking but the only difference is that the huge amount of weight can be carried on a canoe or kayak than a backpack.

2. Specialized Camping
As the word suggests, specialized camping is the term used for those ‘survivalist campers’ who have the skills and experience of surviving in extreme conditions outdoors .These people can adjust in any situation without any fear. Here it is good to know about ‘winter camping’ when there is lot of snow on the ground.  Survivalist campers have adapted themselves to this of kind of situation where there is limited food, water and mobility. Techniques of survival during this camping includes dressing in “layers”, using low temperature sleeping bags, staying dry and building snow-houses.

3. Social camping
It is often enjoyable and safe to go with a group of fellow campers than to venture out alone. There are a lot of camping societies which give this provision only if you are a member. In this case people living in a similar geographical area and having similar interest are clubbed together. But even if you are not a member of a society, you can still venture out with your family and friends which will not only give you pleasure but might also resulting in building of long lasting relationships. One can also share one’s experience through blogs and online social networking.

Although camping is always a rejuvenating experience but also involves careful planning and consideration. You should be aware of all the things that you are supposed to carry along in order to avoid any mishap later on. Always be informed in advance about the camp site, animals lurking around or other relevant details. So have a safe, fun-filled and unique camping experience.