Pick a family camping tent

Family Camping Tents


Family camping is always a great way to have alone time with your loved ones and learn more about each other. Family camping tents have so much room that the whole family can fit in without any hassles. One of the top rated brands on the market today that provide quality tents is Eureka: comfortable rooms; large, separate inner tents that offer privacy; huge living area perfect for lounging and much more!


Family Camping Tents

How to pick the perfect family tent?


An alternative to a much more expensive destination vacation is a camping trip with your family and friends. The main item in any camping trip is the tent, so make sure you are completely comfortable with yours. Through the years, tents have developed to become your second home away from home in terms of comfort so do some research and choose a solid tent that will provide years of future camping fun for you and your loved ones. Do you want an A-frame tent? Interior room dividers to close off interior spaces? Add-on space? Extra storage?

Tent designs have come a long way over the last few years. Manufacturers got to understand the necessity of easy setup and breakdown so large family tents and cabin tents on the marked today are very simple to erect and take down. Most family camping tents have only a few poles to put together in easy to understand formats.

As tent materials have changed, so has the weight. Manufacturers have chosen to use high tech materials which have resulted in lower cost to them and lighter weight to you. Most family camping tents can actually be carried in back pack or over your shoulder.

There are 3 basic types of tents: the A-frame tent, the dome tent and the cabin tent.
The A-frame tent used to be the most popular and it was made well known by the use of the boy scouts of America. A-frame tents have two poles forming a triangle on both ends of the tent and a central pole that forms the ridge of the tent. The walls are formed at steep angles and this type of tent is usually very unreliable in windy conditions.

The second is the dome tent. This is the most popular type of the tent in US today. They are available in a variety of configurations but they all provide excellent stability and shelter in windy conditions. The interior space provided in a dome tent comes with plenty of headroom to allow for sitting up.

Next is the cabin tent. These are enormous tents designed for use with car camping where weight is not an issue. These tents take up an incredible amount of space but provide a lot of interior space also. Have in mind they come with a very heavy structure.

If you plan on taking the entire family to the camping trip, your best bet is to get a cabin tent. This way everyone can fit into it, and still have plenty of room to move around. If you have a large family, a cabin tent that comfortably sleeps up to 8 people is a good bet. A good family camping tent is durable and can withstand even severe weather conditions. You don’t want your tent to leak in the event of a rainstorm, or worse yet, collapse under the burden of rainwater. If you expect the worst weather conditions when you purchase your camping tent, you’ll feel secure in any weather.

Pick a tent that is appropriate for the time of year you intend to camp. Winter tents and summer tents are constructed very differently. A two season tent is designed for fair weather conditions. A three season tent is the most popular and tends to accommodate the needs of most amateur campers. It simply means it’s made for hot to mild temperatures in the spring, summer and fall. Four season tent means it’s made for warm to cold, even freezing temperatures, heavier construction to withstand wind stress and snow load. If your camping plans don’t include trips in rough weather conditions and if you are not planning to go camping in the winter, 3 season tent will be just perfect.