Top 10 Date Night Styles and Date Ideas

Top 10 Date Night Styles and Date Ideas

Shop for the perfect outfit for your date. Looking great begins by planning your date outfit early.

Then, plan your date. The top 10 date ideas are:
1. The Dinner Date
2. The Ice-Skating Date
3. The Theatre Date
4. The Game Night Date
5. The Concert Date
6. The Dancing Date
7. The Picnic or Stargazing Date
8. The Active Date
9. The Beach Date
10. The Bed-And-Breakfast Date

Finally enjoy your date. Celebrate your special occasion in style!



The Dinner Date

The classic dinner date is the perfect first date and Valentine’s celebration. The key is to make it uniquely special.
Plan ahead by making a reservation through . It’s a great resource to find recommendations, options for special requests, and top lists of the most romantic restaurants.

You may want a dinner date created by you. Plan your menu ahead and add a special ambiance (ie. candles and music). This is a perfect date if you’ve been with your partner on more than three occasions.

The Ice-Skating Date

This is the ideal first date or perfect for the ice-skating pair.

The idea is to enjoy a little activity and get those endorphins flowing. You’ll both leave in loving moods.

The reason it works for the first date:
– Its easy to have comfortable intimate contact. Holding an arm or hands is a natural ice-skating activity.
– The activity takes the focus away from any awkward silences. With other people around and sights to see there’s always something to talk about.
– It has a timeframe that’s manageable. If the date is going great you can go for hot chocolate afterwards. If the date isn’t working you can always skate off in different directions.

The Theatre Date

The theatre date is perfect for a special anniversary or milestone celebration. This date is glamorous and a whimsical throwback.
You’re anniversary or milestone should be memorable. The theatre offers the opportunity to spend exclusive time together. There is something about the luxurious seats, big curtain, live action, audience dynamics, and shining lights that create a special date.

Plan ahead by selecting the perfect play or musical and getting the best seat in the house. Visit early to reserve your seats. It’s a great resource because you can also find the perfect restaurant nearby for before theatre drinks or after theatre desserts.

You may also consider attending a play put on at a college/university theater or community theatre. The talent is immense and you may save money on the tickets.


The Game Night Date

The game night date is perfect for an anniversary or blind date.
Something you will always remember is cheering on your favorite team together courtside. Plan ahead by getting courtside tickets through .

Putt-putt or bowling are perfect for a blind date. Whether you’re a beginner or pro you can have fun. It may be the perfect opportunity to get close if one of you needs a tutorial on the perfect swing/throw.

The Concert Date

The ideal group date and perfect for the two people you want to “set-up.”
The concert date is a great opportunity to be in public place where excitement and fun is in the air. The perfect combination for the “set-up” date. The focus should be finding a genre both people (or everyone) will enjoy.

There are plenty of places to hear your favorite music. You can go to a concert in the park, a downtown jazz club, music festival, or a headlining arena.
If you want a chance to get to know one another better you can meet up prior to the concert for dinner or drinks. If the concert was a lot of fun you can talk in a quiet place after, maybe for coffee or ice cream.

The Dancing Date

Get your groove or swing on for an intimate dance for two.
You don’t have to be the next contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” to have romance and fun on your dancing date.

Remember these tips:
– Warm-up prior to getting ready for your date. Go for a walk or participate in a yoga class. This will ensure you’re dancing all through the night.
– Keep your body moving to the beat. The more you move the more fun you’ll have.
– There are great classes to teach you swing, salsa, and the waltz. Why not sign up and learn as a team. Then show off your skills on the dance floor.
– Ladies, carry a pair of flat shoes in your purse. You may need them after grooving on the dance floor all night long.

The Picnic or Stargazing Date

The perfect inexpensive date with high romance.
Do your homework prior to the date. Research the history of the park or learn how to identify the astrological signs in the night sky. You’ve now created fascinating conversation topics.

For the picnic find out what you’re date likes. The traditional sandwich, salad, fruit, and dessert is nice. Add a fun twist by including something unusual such as your families potato salad, strawberry shortcake, or sparking watermelon lemonade. If your stargazing you may want to bring fresh fruit, chocolate, cheese, and wine. The perfect dining addition.

Add a kite to your picnic basket. If the day is flawless this can be the perfect park activity. How romantic watching your kite soar in the sky.