Top 10 Little Black Dresses

The Hottest Little Black Dresses



My top 10 must-have little black dresses for every women’s collection.
Find the perfect glamorous, sexy, vintage, trendy, classy, romantic, casual, long sleeve, leather, and timeless little black dress for you.
There is a little black dress for every shape, size, budget and style. Follow my styling tips to style a little black dress for a night out and how to add style to your black dress. Create a head-to-toe finish!

Glamorous Little Black Dress

Co Co Chanel invented the little black dress in 1926. She created a line of only black dresses made from wool jersey and silk. Co Co Chanel invented the phrase, we’ve all come to love, the “little black dress.” The little black dress has stayed at the forefront of fashion every since 1926.
For all little black dresses never forget it all starts with the perfect under garments. Use a long mirror to check all angels before stepping out. This will ensure you look perfect from head to toe.
This glamorous little black dress is ideal to wear to a black tie affair. Stand out with one amazing accessory like a gorgeous headband. This embellishment will make you look glamorous and feel special.


Sexy Little Black Dress


The sexy little black dress is perfect for the person who is body confident. Halle Berry has an amazing body! She epitomizes sexy however, not everyone would look sexy in the dress she has on in the photo. Select the body part your most proud of and highlight it. It could be your toned arms or sleek legs. Whatever it is show it off and be proud. That’s sexy!
The key to the sexy little dress look is letting the dress do all the work. The little black dress with a symmetrical top is perfect to achieve a sexy look. Also, don’t make your hair or make-up compete. Keep your hair sleek and your make-up neutral.
Let your jewelry support the look. Gold is a sleek compliment to the little black dress. Add one of two pieces.
Compliment the sexy little black dress with a pair of stilettos. Stilettos will make your legs look extra long.


Vintage Little Black Dress


Everyone loves a little “Mad Men” inspiration. Look no further than the perfect vintage little black dress.
Creating the perfect vintage look with your little black dress is all in the details. Vintage jewelry (authentic or vintage inspired) transforms this little black dress. A delicate vintage bracelet will have heads turning.
Never underestimate the power of a great shoe. An ankle strap high heel will keep your vintage little black dress looking authentic.
Finish your vintage little black dress with a vintage hairdo. A double roll curling iron will help do the trick. Add a red lip and perfect manicure and you’re ready to shine. You will be perfectly polished from head to toe in you’re vintage little black dress.


Trendy Little Black Dress


he key with the trendy little black dress is to feel confident wearing it. Think Ciara or Lady Gaga. You can tell that she never feels uncomfortable in her clothing, she owns it. When the camera finds you make sure you are standing straight and proud. The trendy little black dress automatically looks better on you when you are confident in it.
Looking trendy can be super fun but, accept that there may be certain styles you just can’t wear. Embrace the ones that work for you. If the trendy little black dress this season doesn’t look amazing on you try a trend somewhere else. Choose a great trendy shoe, trendy jewelry, or trendy handbag to complete your little black dress look.


Classy Little Black Dress

The classy little black dress is a true investment. The classy little black dress is always stylish and will always flatter your body shape.
This classy little black dress is fun, flirty, and perfect to stand out at a cocktail-party. This is the perfect little black dress if your body shape is bottom heavy or a pear body type. The ornate details on the top draw the eye up and the voluminous skirt conceals. Try a belt that highlights your waist for a feminine look. This also helps create an hourglass shape.
To complete your look stand out with a bold lip. Find the shade of red that works best for your skin tone. Ensure the lipstick is long lasting to keep you looking fantastic throughout the night.


Romantic Little Black Dress


Try out your romantic little black dress before wearing it to a date or Valentine’s party.Wear it around your house and see how you feel in it. If you keep pulling it down or adjusting the strap make those changes asap. The dress may not work for you or it might need a few alterations. Feeling romantic in your little black dress doesn’t include you thinking about adjusting your dress all night.
The lace detail of the romantic little black dress doesn’t just add style but it eliminates the need for major accessories. Shift your focus to a great hairstyle. A romantic up-do will showcase the details on the bodice. Also, take some time for a manicure and pedicure. A perfect shade of pink will do the trick. Finish off with kissable pink lips and you’re ready for Cupid.


Casual Little Black Dress

The casual little black dress is the perfect style to transform from a professional look to a night out on the town.

Pair this casual little black dress with a classic blazer for a professional look. The greatest addition to blazers today is the special attention to the lining. You can roll the sleeves on the blazer to showcase a great pinstripe pattern. Pair this look with a polished handbag.
You’re finished with work and now ready for a night out on the town. Let the transformation begin using the same casual little black dress
Pair this casual little black dress with a leather jacket. Remember to keep the leather jacket tailored. To finish this look pair with a great leather boot or strappy pump with a great pattern (such as an animal print or graffiti art). Add a retro handbag and you’re off for a night out on the town.


Long Sleeve Little Black Dress

Long-sleeve dresses are uber-popular with celebrities on the red carpet this year. The key is making sure the dress is sequined, jeweled, or beaded. A sequined piece should be in everyone’s wardrobe, why not make it apart of your little black dress.
The long sleeve little black dress is perfect if your body shape is top heavy or an apple body type. This dress creates symmetry to balance your top and the length of the dress highlights your legs.
Finish your look with polished hair. The easy to create half up, half down style is perfect. Keep your hair in place with a glamorous barrette. This hair-do allows the focus to shift to the neckline of your dress. Complete with a great bracelet or bangle. This adds to the uniqueness of wearing a long-sleeve little black dress.
Head to toe you will stand out in this look.

Leather Little Black Dress

The leather little black dress is a perfect find to incorporate a strapless number in your wardrobe. This is a must-have for party season. The key is to keep the accessories simple and your skin glowing.
Looking amazing in leather doesn’t have to be hard. There are so many products that will help create a shape that is enviable in your leather little black dress. Find a shapewear fabric that will support your with a strapless cut. Shapewear is more comfortable, affordable, and effective than ever. Everyone should have a piece in their wardrobe.
A fabulous shoe with great details will make this leather little black dress transform to a fabulous leather little black dress outfit.

Timeless Little Black Dress

The timeless little black dress is one you can buy today and wear 10, 20, or 50 years from now. It looks great on you and makes you feel special.

The timeless little black dress is versatile. You can change its style by adding new accessories. Want something fun? Add a pop of color. Looking for a bit of glamour? Find a great vintage piece of jewelry.
The timeless little black dress looks great on every shape. You can hem the length to show off a little more leg or add a faux fur wrap to cover your arms.
Always remember to complete your look with supportive undergarments, flawless make-up, and styled hair.