Vintage Accessories and Styling Tips

Vintage Accessories and Styling Tips


Perfect vintage accessories for every style 

Vintage accessories create the perfect fashion statement. Vintage accessories provide a retro style that is luxurious and chic.
Vintage accessories are typically accessories worn between the 1920s to 1970s. Some fashionistas even includes styles from the 1180s to 1990s as vintage or retro. Authentic vintage accessories are unique and need specific care. These items may be expensive due to their unique nature. Vintage inspired accessories are not authentic but inspired from the great style of past eras. They are great to create a vintage feel for a better price.The key is to find the vintage accessory that truly makes you feel special.

Vintage Handbags

Top 3 Styling Tips for You and Your Vintage Handbag


Tip 1: Start out my planning your outfit around your vintage handbag. When I wear it with jeans, and a basic white tee with a blazer I get the most notice. Vintage handbags have unique details so don’t let them get upstaged with a competing outfit.

Tip 2: Add a pair of fantastic shoes, vintage or modern, to complete your look. Look polished head to toe.

Tip 3: Challenge yourself with your fashion. Select a vintage purse that will encourage you to wear that must have red dress or distressed jeans.

Vintage Jewelry

Top 3 Styling Tips for You and Your Vintage Jewelry

Tip 1: Go loud or go home. Don’t be afraid of a large vintage statement necklace, bold brooch, or jeweled chandelier earrings. Let your vintage jewelry shine.Tip 2: Your favorite little black dress is the perfect platform for your vintage jewelry. your vintage jewelry can transform your dress to be glamorous, jazzy, or retro (whatever you like).

Tip 3: Remember a nice manicure is important to show off your vintage bracelets and rings. Beautiful make-up is a nice accent as well.

Accessories Shoes

Top 3 Styling Tips for You and Your Vintage Shoes


Tip 1: When wearing vintage shoes pay close attention to your skirt/dress/pants hem. Make sure the shoes may be seen. Also, be aware that some vintage shoes with an ankle strap cut off your leg. Ensure you wear elongating clothes to complement it.

Tip 2: Keep your vintage shoes in prime condition. The best tool is a wooden shoes tree. These mannequins help your shoes keep their original shape. In addition, it avoids them being lost under the bed or the back of the closet.

Tip 3: Don’t forget to care for your feet. They deserve to be massaged, lathered with lotion, and donned with the prettiest polish. Not only will it make you feel good but, your open toe vintage shoes will shine with a nice pedicure.

Vintage Hats

Top 3 Styling Tips for You and Your Vintage Hats

Tip 1: Remember when wearing a light colored hat keep your makeup light as well. The result will be a beautiful and bright face. This is also an opportunity to wear a feminine dress or floral blouse. Perfect for spring and summer.Tip 2: When wearing an oversized vintage hat keep the rest of your outfit simply. I love to pair my hat with a fitted blazer, skinny jeans and knee-high boot (I always prefer a high heel).

Tip 3: Invest in a good hatbox. Keep your vintage hat protected and ready for all occasions. The hatbox ensures your hat maintains its shape.

Vintage Glasses

Top 3 Styling Tips for You and Your Vintage Glasses

Tip 1: This unique eyewear should take center stage. Don’t mess up your look with heavy eye make-up. A simply stated eye is much better.

Tip 2: A red stained lip can be perfect. This gives a retro/pin-up inspired look.

Tip 3: The fact is glasses don’t look good on everyone. Try it out but don’t force the look.

Vintage Accessories

Top 3 Styling Tips for You and Your Vintage Accessories

Tip 1: There is a way to wear vintage accessories and a way for vintage accessories to wear you. Remember to keep your personal style in mind. You’re not trying to win a Halloween contest.

Tip 2: Use the stylish celebrities of the past eras to inspire your look. Take a look back at Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. They were always glamorous and chic.

Tip 3: It doesn’t matter what other people think. Finding the perfect vintage accessory for your style is all about you. Go with what you love.